That’s right…our dance group got invited to perform once again, this time in Vajdaszentivany. And we will have more shows in the following months so we won’t get bored 🙂  It was great to see my fellow dance colleagues again…all of us were very eager to dance again so this invitation warmed our hearts.

We met on the day of our performance to refresh our memories a bit on our dance moves at our usual place in Vasarhely. Then after 13:30 we traveled to Vajdaszentivany where we were invited to perform on a quite a small stage frankly, so we had to be careful not to fall off 😀  We were supposed to go on stage around 15:00 but a part of our group got lost during the trip and to top it off we even used the Google Map application while getting lost LOL. But it was a good thing we got lost cause by the time we arrived more spectators gathered in front of the stage so it was all worth going around a forest on a bumpy road 🙂  And even though the sky was filled with clouds thanks to Noemi’s prayers ( Zsolti’s dance partner ) it only started to rain after our show ended and not a moment sooner. After our performance we were invited to have supper together, yumi stuffed cabbage rolls, while the rain poured quite hard. Afterwards, we said our farewells and we all went home proud of ourselves and thinking of the day we will meet again next month.







But don’t think our lives will be eventless till then. As a matter of fact, the long awaited horse camp is about to start in exactly one week, so I will be meeting up some of my dance colleagues once again. Not to mention my fellow disabled friends from last year. Unfortunately, this year, Claire, the volunteer from England, won’t be able to participate at the camp. However, this year Jancso invited even more disabled persons to the camp so I’ll be able to make some new friends. I hope all will go well, the weather will be good and no one will we stung by those pesky wasps. During the next week I decided to post a memoir of the last year events at the horse camp but this time in Hungarian. I hope some of my Hungarian friends will enjoy reading and remembering the fun times we had together. And this year’s memoir will be posted in English and Hungarian simultaneously. So next week, expect a blog post every day…BYE!!!


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