27th May 2016. The big day has finally come. Since our first rehearsal in the beginning of March, we worked really hard to learn and perfect six different dance moves, and now I can proudly say that our group is ready to show its work to the audience. To be honest, I am really surprised how much strong the bond between all of us has gotten in these only few months. We are almost like a family and I mean it. Both the teacher and the girls have adjusted very well to us wheelers; not only that they treat us like equal dance partners with working legs, but they also make damn sure to make us feel like we’re actually walking beside them. And we learned to cooperate so well with each other that many times we, the boys, are leading the girls, and not vice versa 🙂 And even though sometimes we have trouble remembering our partner’s name, once we enter the dance ring, we dance as if we were meant for each other, we complete one another’s move as if we danced together all our lives. One of the dance couples from our group is actually married while the other four girls go to college. However, I’m already thinking myself ahead and I imagine it will be dang hard to say goodbye to the girls once they graduate and go their own ways. But until then we will make sure to enjoy every moment we have together and make the best of it. You don’t believe me? Just check out the following short clips and pictures from the rehearsal and see for yourself how much fun we’re having together. 🙂






Chain ‘o chairs  –  Youtube link

Me and my dance partner  –  Youtube link


Before talking about the main event, first I would like to present everyone from the group. First, we have our lovely teacher, SOMODI KATALIN, a very known dance choreographer in Romania. Next we have us five, strong and “healthy” men in our comfortable wheelchairs: 😛 GRAUR ZSOLT, UJFALVI JANOS, DEMETER MIHALY, FALUVEGI DENES and last but not least, OSZ KAROLY SZILARD ( aka myself ) 🙂 Up next I would like to present five beautiful, gorgeous girls: REKA KOTRO ( whom I am proud to call my dance partner ), TOTH NOEMI, KATONA TIMEA-ARANKA, BEATA SZEKELY and MARGARETA GYORFI ( wife to Demeter Mihaly ). We also have a very young girl in a wheelchair named MATE DALMA, who I met last year at the horse camp. Unfortunately, she can’t move her hands very well and the organizers almost had to remove her from the show because of that so our dance choreography wouldn’t suffer. But her passion and determination to dance no matter how hard she is able to move around made the organizers reconsider and they eventually allowed her to also participate. Her dance partner is named Szilard Somodi, a fine young lad who was more than happy to be able to help Dalma out on the dance floor.

And now let’s talk about the main event you’ve been waiting to read about 🙂 Our teacher organized us a schedule to follow: – we met at around 13:30 PM;
– at 14 PM we had supper together;
– from 15 to 16 o’clock we relaxed a bit and decorated the dance floor while also putting neat cardboards on our wheels with our dance group logo on it;
– from 16:30 we rehearsed a bit and got acquainted with the place;
– 18:00 – THE BIG SHOW

The day started out to be a beautiful day, sunny and warm, so we wanted to have our show in an open area in front of a stage. We all prayed to God so it wouldn’t rain and He listened to our prayers. However, He decided to test our faith; at around 15:30 dark clouds filled the sky, the wind began to blow hard and at one point a few rain drops started to fall. But by then we already lost our faith and moved the seats and the sound equipment in a big tent nearby and decided to rehearse there. In the meantime, while the audience started to gather, the clouds started to disperse, and 30 minutes before the show the sun was shining brighter than ever. Our prayers were really answered, but we failed to believe in God hard enough, instead we let ourselves guided by Satan into the darkness which was represented by the tent.

Despite all this the show was a huge success. We had around 300 persons in the audience and they enjoyed our dance very much. We received only positive feedback after the show, which means a lot for us. Our first number was the waltz and the tango and after it ended, me and the group realized that many people from the audience had tears in their eyes. We never imagined we could transfer so much emotion to the public and fill their hearts with joy through our dancing. It was a truly magical moment, which neither of us will forget anytime soon. After this amazing moment other dance groups went to the stage to perform while we went to change into a more comfortable, less elegant clothing 🙂 We also had a few numbers with the other groups together and by the end of the show the whole stage was filled with happy dancers with various ages, dancing together as a family. Once our performance was over, the BB Dance Group received a pleasant surprise gift; each of us received a cool trophy and, of course, us boys bought flowers for the teacher and the girls. After the show ended, we went to a pub for a little after-party, which lasted several good hours. I myself arrived home after midnight 🙂


















So this is how one of the most important days of our lives went by in a nutshell, sort of speak 🙂 Once I get my hands of some footage I’ll immediately post it on my blog; maybe our dance will also get tears in your eyes. Who knows? 🙂 But before finishing my post, I would like to give away a few THANK YOU’s…


-First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to the persons at the HIFA organization for their hard work for making this group possible; it really isn’t cheap to organize such an event; many us wheelers live pretty far away from each other and the organization needs to take money from their budget and pay for drivers and benzine so they could come after us and take us to Marosvasarhely where our group gathers to dance. So thank you again!

-Secondly, a HUGE THANK YOU to Somodi Katalin; we are very proud to call her our dance teacher and we’ll be forever grateful to her for teaching us to dance almost like professionals; 🙂

-And thirdly, from behalf of my fellow wheelers and me, an EXTREMELY BIG THANK YOU to the girls for making enough time in their tight schedule to dance with us, especially in the weekdays; the group definitely wouldn’t exist without them so many kisses to them 😛


Sometime in the past I remember ending one of my posts with a phrase such as “THAT’S ALL FOLKS”, but this time I really want to end it with a different one with the hopes that our group will stay together many wonderful years:



P.S  I am the luckiest wheeler from our group cause I have the prettiest dance partner, but SHHHH…don’t tell anyone 🙂


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